Plateanmeldelser (cd, vinyl, dvd/bluray):

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Plateanmeldelser (cd, vinyl, dvd/bluray):



D`Accord – D`Accord
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Danko Jones - Below The Belt
Danko Jones - Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue

Danny Schmidt – Instead The Forest Rose To Sing
Dantalion - Call Of The Broken Souls
Dark Order - Cold War Of The Condor
Darkest Era - The Journey Through Damnation
Darkest Sins - Darkest Sins
Darkthrone - Frostland Tapes
Davy Jones' Locker - Schizophrenia, The Dance Machine
Day of a Thousand - Infinity

Days of betrayal – Decapitated For Research
Dead Man - Euphoria
Dead To This World - First Strike For Spiritual Renewance
Dear Superstar - Heartless
Death Academy - Pure Hatred
Deathfist - Too Hot to Burn
Deathhammer - Phantom Knights
Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal
Declamatory - Human Remains

Dedicted - Argonauts
Delirium Tremens - Read My Fist (2014)

Depeche Mode -  Sounds Of The Universe
Deranged – The Red Light Murder Case
Derek Sherinian - Molecular Heinosity
Descend - Through The Eyes Of The Burdened
Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Devil's Train - Devil's Train

Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butchers Ballroom
Diamondog – Like A Diamond
Diehard - When Illusions Gone
Dignity - Project Destiny
Dina Misund - Listen
Disko Slam - I et parantes (10" vinyl)
DHOS - Die Hard Outlaw Society
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again
Domina Noctis - Second Rose
Don't Cry Wolf - Don't Cry Wolf
Doomtree – Doomtree
Dornenreich - In Luft Geritzt
Draconian - Turning Season Within
Drain The Dragon – Demon Of My Nights
Drephjard - Maktdominans EP
Dumdum Boys – Tidsmaskin
Dumhetens Hær - Råttent Tankegods
Dunderbeist – Rovmord EP
Dunderbeist - Second Hand Theft
Dunderbeist - Songs From The Buried

Dynabyte - 2kx
Dynasty - Beyond Measure

Dyve - Inside


Mabuse - Stench of Death DEMO
Magellan - Innocent God
Magnum - Escape From the Shadow Garden (2014)

Maim - Deceased To Exist
Malpractice - Triangular
Magna Carta - Midnight Blue + Live and let Live
Man The Machetes - Idiokrati

Manifest - Written In Blood
Marbin - Last Chapter Of Dreaming

marOder - Kom inn, slipp meg inn
Marshall Law - Razorhead
Maryann Cotton - Free Falling Angels

Matilda - At Heart

Matos, Andre - The Turn of the Lights
Matos, Andre - Time To Be Free
Matsson - Dream Child
Mayer, John - Born and Raised
Mayflower Madame - Into The Haze

MCM - 1900 Hard Times
Mechanical God Creation – Cell XIII
Melencolia Estatica - Letum

Mely – Portrait of a Porcelain Doll
Memories of A Dead man - Selftitled
Metamorphosis - Dark
Metherra – World Of Discord(2010)
Mhorgl - Heresiarch
Midnattsol - Nordlys
Midvinter - At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon

Might Is Right - Nordic Warchants II
Minor Majority – Either way I think you know
Mirror Of Deception - A Smoldering Fire

MLGF/GIN - Splitcd 2008

MoccaCellar - Turn to Mocca!
Moddi - Floriography
Moe - It Pictures
Moe - Oslo Janus

Molllust - Schuld

Molotow – Rocktales
Moon - Lucifers Horns

Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal
Moongarden - Songs From The Lighthouse
Moonless - Calling All Demons

Moonsorrow - Tulimyrski EP
Moore, Gary - Live At Montreux 2010 (Bluray)
Moron Police - Defenders of the Small Yard (2014)

Moron Police - Demo 2008
Moron Police - The Propaganda Machine

Mortician - Mortician
Mose - Halfway To Nowhere
Mother Misery - All Eyes On You
Mournblade - Anthology Vol. 1
Mournful Gust – The Frankness Eve
Mourning Beloveth - A Disease For The Ages
Mourning Rise - Five Ways to Illuminate Silence
Mumakil – Behold The Failure
My Dying Bride - An Ode To Woe
My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire 
My Lament – Broken Leaf
My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver  
Myrkvar - Als Een Woeste Horde
Mørkt Kapittel - 7" (vinyl)
Mørkt Kapittel - Gro igjen EP 12" (vinyl)


Saattue – Jäähyvästi
Sabbat – Karisma
Sadus - A Vision of Misery
Saint Daemon - In Shadows Lost from the Brave
Salmon Hall - Zombies Unite
Sanctus Infernum - Self Titled
Sarasin A.D. - Daggers, Lust And Disgust
Sarath - Siste Indre
Sarke – Vorunah
Sarpedon - Demo 2006
Sathanas - Crowned Infernal
Saturnian - Dimensions

Saving Grace - The King Is Coming
Scarlatyna - Till the End
Scarlet Anger - Dark Reign

Scornful - Waiting
Seance - Awakening of the Gods
Semlah  - Semlah
Septic Mind - The Beginning
Sevenfield - Apperception
Seventh Avenue - Terium
Shannon - Angel In Disguise
Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh
Shattered Hope - Abscence
Shining III – Angst – Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie
Shining IV - The Eerie Cold (Re-release)
Shining - 8½ Feberdrömmar i vakte tillstånd
Shiver, The - Inside
Signalfeide - Fornjot (2014)
Sigurd Julius - Skull ønsk vi kunn vær dem vi va da vi ønska vi va dem vi e
Sil Veth - The Elemental EP
Sinnes, Magnus & Linnea Dale –Anything Goes(And Everything`s Alright)
Sirocco - Lambay

Sixoneosix - Scarred Minds EP
Skaansaar, Jo - Den Blåaste Natt
Skogen - Vittra
Skogyr - Rainchants
Sky Architect - Excavations Of The Mind

Slapp Happy – Live in Japan
Sleaford Mods - Austerity Dogs (2013)
Slough Feg – Ape Upprising!
Slömber – Dirty Drinks & One-Night Stands
Sodomy Club - Welcome To The Club

Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction
Solefald - The Linear Scaffold
Solheim, Maria - In The Deep
Solheim, Maria med Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby – Rom For Alle
Somnolent - Monochromes Philosophy
Sons Of The Never Wrong - King Fisher King

Sons Of The Never Wrong - On A Good Day... I Am
Sonya Kahn - New Beginning
Sorgeldom - Innerlig Förmörkelse
Soul Of The Cave - Asphalt  
Soul Stealer – Soul Stealer
Sound of Detestation - Ge fan i våra liv
Speed Limit - Moneyshot
Spitfire - Demon Train
Split Heaven - Street Law
Springsteen, Bruce - Wrecking Ball
St. Lucia - When The Night
Stainless Steel - Metal Machine (2013)
Stallion Four - Rough Times
Stato Nevroso Precario - Vathellina 
Status Quo - Quad Pro Quo
Stigma - Solitude 24/7
Stille Opprör - S.o2 
Still Fear - Believe Or Not
Story of Jade - The Damned Next Door
Stray - Vallhalla
Striborg - Ghostwoodlands
Stuck Mojo - Southern Born Killers
Sturmgeist - Manifesto Futurista
Suidakra - Crogacht
Sugar Louise - Friends In Love Places (2014)
Summit - Demo 2011
Sumo Babies - Kjenninger
Sundström, Stefan - Nu var det 2014 (2014)

Svart - Vanäre, Vanmakt Och Avsmak
Svart - Väran Tid Är Forbi
Svartsyn - 7" EP
SVK - Tarpeian Rock (single) (2014)
Svölk – Svölk
Sybreed - Antares
Sylvan - Leaving Backstage 
S.I.N - The 13th Apostle


Tadashi Goto - Innervisions
Talbot - EOS
Tank - War Wachine
Tantara - Based On Evil
Terminal Sick – Diagnosis
Tesla - Forever More
Thanever – Dimina`s nightmare
The Boogiemen Inc. - Rocket Surgery

The Bullet Monks - Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Codex - The Codex
The Cute Crash Combo – The Cute Crash Combo 
The Embodied - The Embodied
The Made Up Tuesdays - The God Particle
The Maladronia Institute - Somewhere Else
The Marble Kings – Rebel Knight Sam
The Morningside – The Wind The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past
The New Virginity - Now She's Music
The Pines - Tremolo
The Plight - Black Summer
The Project Hate Mcmxcix – The Lustrate Process
The Sap - Pop On!
The Scaramanga Six - Songs of prey
The Scheen - The Scheen (2014)
The September When - Judas Kiss
The Streets - Computers and Blues
The Sweetest Thrill - Jewellery
The Wandering Midget - I Am The Gate
The Wandering Midget – The Serpent Coven
Theudo - Cult Of Wuotan
The Misery Garden - Another Great Day On Earth
Those Who Bring The Torture – Tank Gasmask Ammo
Thunder - Bang!
Thunderblast - Invaders From Another World
Thundertale – Milžinai
Thåström - Beväpna Dig Med Vingar
Timberlake, Justin - The 20/20 Experience

Titanic - Full Steam Ahead
Tombs – Winter Hours
Tom Roger Aadland - Blod På Spora
Tonic Breed - On the Brink of Destruction
Torchbearer - Death Meditations
Totenmond - Thronrauber
Toxic Waltz - Decades of Pain

Trained To Bite - Chewing Tobacco
Trancelike Void – Destroying Something Beautiful
Transit - Decent Man On A Desperate Moon
Trelldom - Til Et Annet

Tripod - Four Coins

Trinacria - Travel Now Journey Infinitely
Trond Nilsens Salong - Villblomst
Tronus Abyss – Vouto Spazio Trionfo
Tulus - Olm og bitter
Tungsten Axe - Swedish Iron
Tusmørke - Underjordisk Tusmørke
Týr – Valkyrja
Twilight Guardians - Ghost Reborn
Taake - Noregs Vaapen


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